Casual Games and Activities for Brand Ambassadors.

Our collection of engagement apps built for iPad, make it simple for Brand Ambassadors to break the ice and get the conversation started. Collect consumer data, deliver content and unlock multiple gifting opportunities, all while generating useful and insightful reports about the brand activation.

Popular Apps

Instant Win

Encourage guests to provide their information for a chance to win a prize. Setup as many types of prizes as needed and define the rules of how they can be won.

Trivias & Quizzes

Invite players to complete a quiz and give prizes to the most knowledgable or just simply have them answer a fun survey with no right or wrong answer.

Casual Games & Puzzles

Challenge your consumer’s brain with fun puzzles and games that while being played, they display an array of product information and branding.

Interactive Technology like games and fun activities allow you to activate the consumer or attendee by creating a fun experience while presenting your brand. This helps increase participation and most importantly it enables a simple way to deliver the brand’s message.

The key to collecting consumer information is making it seamless and straightforward. That is why we build a data capture form right there next to all the fun.

Manage prize inventories on the spot. Know exactly how many items each promoter has handed out. Choose your probability factor to enable the game to give out more of one prize than another. Be in absolute control.

Our apps will track valuable metrics that help you create reports in no-time. From first time played, number of activations / records to location and stats about scores, time spent per contact, etc.

Forget about being connected to the Internet for a while. Work without an Internet connection and all metrics and data will be safely stored within the app.

Later, when you can get online, simply tap on the Sync button to upload all this information to our cloud, where it can be analyzed, sorted, filtered and exported from anywhere in real time.


We build games and experiences that are not billboards. They are instead, conversations with people who play them, stories, entertainment.

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