Social Media Apps

Get the most out of your Social Media Fans. Go beyond likes and followers and create custom experiences that translate into more engagement and meaningful conversations with your audience.

Our Social Media Apps will help you activate your fans and followers with specific promotional campaigns like Photo Contests, Video Contests, Voting Apps, Trivias and even Social Games.

The Apps

Photo or Video Contest

Encourage visitors submit their original content to your Facebook Page and reach out to their friends to gather votes for their photo or video. This naturally grows virally given that for every participant, there is an army of friends to support them.

Voting Apps

Create content and have your audience vote for their favorite. This powerful solution allows your fans to spread out the word and seek help from their friends to promote more voting, all while you are learning a whole lot about your fans and their preferences.

Surveys, Trivias and Polls

Reach out to your fans to learn more or better understand how they perceive your product, service or brand. Create smart quizes in which questions automatically change based on previous answers and get detailed insights about your fans.

Social Games

Games were invented as a reason to socialize. In todays digital communities, games have unveiled an even greater power of influencing and motivating people to participate. With Social Games, you can lever on the power of game mechanics for it’s natural means of attracting, retaining, and growing communities.

Custom-Built Social Apps

Using Social Media as a platform to engage an audience has unlimited applications. From promotions, product discovery, message delivery, sparking interest to loyalty programs, training, sweepstakes, Instant Wins... you name it.


We deliver vivid digital interaction with strategic and creative resources. We mix our game design skills with our technological abilities to create experiences that people will engage to, friendly invitations to particpate.

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