Spotted There -The Ultimate Photo Activation Tool

Engage your audience by creating branded memories. Provide consumers with something they already love: Creative, fun photos they can post, share, and always remember, and make sure your event lives on.

Spotted There is a Do-It-Yourself solution specifically designed with event marketing and brand activations in mind. Built from over 10 years of experience in events, sponsorships and activation marketing, you’ll find that we’ve thought of everything to make your life easier and get amazing results.

How it works

With Spotted There you can take pictures, brand them and make them fun with Overlays, Virtual Props or even Virtual Backgrounds. Capture people’s information right there from the app. Then just sync all pictures to publish them on-line. Automatically, everyone on the picture will get an email notification as to where to get their photo!

Use Spotted There to take pictures directly from your iPad. Position the photo with your Overlays even before you take the shot. Turn on Automatic Props and have fun while face tracking technology positions props on people's faces.

Want to take pictures with your DSLR camera? No problem. Learn how.

Collect guest information right there on the picture. It's as easy as tagging someone on Facebook and you can capture their name, email, phone, gender, etc. You choose which fields to include in the form.

You can also use QR Code Cards. After taking a picture just scan a card and hand it to your guest. You'll collect their information later when they claim their picture.

With the use of Overlays, Virtual Props and Virtual Backgrounds you can turn ordinary photos into fun and exciting pictures consumers will not only want to have, but are eager to share on their social networks.

While the picture is being shared and viewed by friends of your guests, your brand is getting the exposure too since it's embedded right there on the picture.

Even if you shot thousands of photos with thousands of records captured, you can rest assured that they are all going to get to the right person every time.

Choose where to publish your photos, a Facebook Fan Page, a Landing Page or even the Event Micro Site.
People love having their picture taken. It's an immersive experience that increases event and brand memorability.
Collect valuable information from guests and attendees. You decide how much and what type of information to capture.
Provide your guests with a valuable digital giveaway that will they like and also share with friends.
Drive visitors to your Facebook Page, a Landing Page or a Microsite. Everyone on the picture receives an email notification with a link to where they can claim their picture.
Spread the word virally through customers sharing their branded photos on Social Networks.
Deliver measurable statistics about event participation, activation objectives and even post-event photo sharing.


Everyone loves having their picture taken.
Use that love to take your event and brand to the next level.

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