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One Stop Interactive is a Full-Service Interactive Lab/Agency with a team of professional digitally-savvy geniuses who create Interactive Marketing Experiences.

What We Do

We deliver vivid digital interaction with strategic and creative resources. We mix our creative skills with our technological abilities to create experiences that people will engage to, friendly invitations to participate.

Why Us

In todays world, brands need more than traditional media to get the consumer response. Our marketing tool is always fun. It provokes people to laugh, to think, to enjoy, but above all, to live something new.

How We Do It

We focus on the story the brand wants to say, then we match it to the right digital technology. We build games and experiences that are not billboards. They are instead, conversations with people who play them, stories, entertainment.

Who We Work For

For you obviously! Marketers and Agencies that trust our pioneering ways and allow us to deliver award- winning, highly creative concepts that shift traditional ways to awesome new digital terrains.


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Meet our Leadership Team.

President & Founder
Jorge Treviño

Jorge Treviño

"I always dreamed of being an inventor. -Oh yes, the crazy-hair, lab coat and goggles type of inventor.

My curiosity for always creating something new gave me the drive and courage to build my own lab/playground/company, and the passion I put into it attracted more crazy-smart people into the game."

Founder / Head of R&D
Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

"In our industry, innovation never stops. That’s why we invest plenty in keeping up to date to the latest trends, technologies and opportunities out there."

Jaime Latorre

Jaime Latorre

"Being true fans of simplicity, clarity, grace and beauty, we challenge designers to pour their heart and soul on every project."

Brands we have worked with.

The most rewarding experience for us comes from our clients trust to do some insanely great campaigns with their brands.


Here is how we can help.

Brands want to be closer to consumers, they want to create relationships and constantly nurture them. Consumers want to interact with brands, have a two way conversation before and after a commitment to buy. The web has created a perfect middle ground for both to meet. Now, all brands need, are strategic and engaging digital assets. That's when we come in.

Planning and development brand’s digital assets. How and where will consumers engage with brands digitally, online, on social media and on mobile. Where will the brand live and how will it connect to it's audience.

To build these digital assets, we focus on people and their emotions to better understand how they will perceive, use, and interact with the experiences we design.

Advergaming is a rather new marketing format that merges games and advertisements into a hybrid form of branded entertainment.

Exposure to an advergame involves active participation and interaction. Players that enjoy an advergame will continue to expose themselves to the ad for as long as they are having fun.

Buy a product, get a code, redeem that code and enter to win. Share a piece of content and get more points, vote for your favorite photo or collect them all to redeem a prize.

You can think of any array of creative routes to spark a specific consumer behavior.

We will think of everything else, from fraud prevention, to real-time reporting, server and traffic capacity and of course programming it all.

Working the web. Strategic micro sites, landing pages, rich e-commerce solutions, email marketing, automated web apps and systems, e-learning, social media apps and more.

We can help you build a multi-channel marketing program that builds business across your customer digital world through our mixed creative, technology, and strategy model.
It can be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of experiential digital marketing. By keeping detailed records of key metrics and comparing them over time, valuable insights into engagement begin to emerge and future avenues of growth become clear.

Increasing brand engagement and target participation with quick, fun games and immersive activities that efficiently deliver your message. Engage consumers by challenging their skills on a game as they attempt to unlock multiple gifting opportunities.

Retire the old prize wheel and signup sheet. Our tools make it simple for Brand Ambassadors to break the ice and get the conversation started. Collect consumer information, deliver content and gather insightful data about the brand activation..

The better you know your consumer the stronger the relationship between them and your brand. By collecting information about them in multiple touch points you can mold a better profile for your communications.

Our data capture systems range from lead generation landing pages, to event registrations, direct marketing and activations and self service installations. Then we’ll create and execute strategic approaches for using this valuable consumer data.

The rise of the smartphone ecosystems has transformed how businesses and brands interact with consumers and is disrupting the way people interact even with each other. That is why it's so crucial for brands to build presence in this space and take advantage of it’s fast pace growth.

We knew the moment the first iPhone was launched back in 2007 what this new media would represent for brands, and we have been developing marketing apps ever since.

With so many registered developers and outsourcing opportunities, companies planning on building an app should consider that it’s not only about the technical ability to build an app, but also the alignment of business goals and integration strategy to a campaign, skills we have perfected over time..

Digital Experiences for the Physical World bring life to your brand at events, retail stores, clubs, expos & trade shows and more.

Allow consumers to interact with product features through touch screens, to live something new through branded games, and encourage sharing of all physical experiences on social media platforms.

We conceptualize, build, and deploy all sort of interactive installations and digital experiences that will have your consumers engaged, entertained and well-educated about your products and brands.
No more lost reports, sign-up sheets or survey responses. Collect data during your events and with a simple sync make them available in one central location. Now all the information you need is ready for sorting and analysis.


We’ve been around for a while. Long enough to have stumbled with all kinds of scenarios, campaign objectives, legal restrictions and production budgets. We know the ins and outs about experiential marketing and producing technology-rich events.

So go ahead, pick our brains, challenge us with your own crazy ideas and let us bring them down to earth and fire them up.

Campaign Strategy
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Best Practices
Research & Insights


Off the shelf. Battle Tested. Cost Effective.

We’ve distilled learnings from many tailor-made projects and packaged them into simple and ready to use products that won’t break the bank.

Casual Games and Activities for Brand Ambassadors

Our collection of engagement apps built for iPad, make it simple for Brand Ambassadors to break the ice and get the conversation started. Collect consumer data, deliver content and unlock multiple gifting opportunities, all while generating useful and insightful reports about the brand activation.

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Spotted There - The Ultimate Photo Activation Tool

The ultimate goal of any marketer is to engage their audience by creating memories about their business and their brands. What better way do that then providing consumers with something they already love -creative and fun photos that they can post, share, and always remember.

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Social Media Apps

Embed our Social Media Apps in your Facebook Page as Tabs and activate the viral power of social sharing. Be up and running in no time with Photo Contests, Video Contests, Voting Apps, Trivias, Social Games, Instant Win and much more.

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